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Open Your Mind and Your Heart for Inner-Healing

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Our brains are not wired for doing more, being busy, juggling a lot. Although some people are able to ‘multi-task’ that does not mean they are more productive, it simply means they are juggling more activities and unlikely doing any of them well (or, being fully-engaged). Instead, the brain is wired for tranquility. Doing less, focusing on a specific task-at-hand, allows for increased focus, ability to pay attention, become more engrossed. When you are fully immersed in something, you have a greater chance of accessing possibility what Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls a state of ‘flow‘. Why is this relevant, or how is this relevant to you? Being present and attuned to both your “inner”- and “outer”-world gives rise to a greater sense of connection, a sense of being aware and more awake.

Becoming more mindful, or as I like to call it more ‘consciousful‘, leads to a greater sense of awareness. This uplifts your mood, improves your energy, and allows you to express a greater sense of gratitude.


Speaking of gratitude. Yes, it is about speaking and expressing gratitude. When you do, it opens up the heart. Gratitude is not a ‘thing’, is not a material object, is not tangible. Gratitude is your ability to radiate love to your self, to people close to you and those who are not. This raises your levels of neurotransmitters, which of course is the direct link to your brain. Expressing gratitude upregulates your immune system, improves your focus, uplifts your mood and those around you, increases your energy, and gives you a greater sense of meaning.

The possibility of healing.

Healing does not mean cure. Healing does not mean free of pain. Healing does not mean only comfort. Healing does not mean only having ‘joy’.

Instead, open yourself up to anything possible IS healing.

It is the full range of human emotions, it is cries and joys, yet it is all that life has to offer in its ‘raw and unedited form’.

Healing is love, consciousness, expansion, gratitude, and so much more.

How to open up your mind and your heart.

  1. Do arts and crafts. Draw, color, widdle…
  2. Play outside. Dig in the sand, build a forte, get on a swing…
  3. Breathe. Meditation, mindful breathing, just sit and stare at the clouds while breathing…
  4. Use your voice. Sing, chant, garggle. These activate your vagus nerve
  5. Music, sound. Listen to the ocean waves, music, or binaural tones
  6. Love.

Sometimes we still need a trusted advisor, doctor, and teacher (yes, this is where I come in).