Experience Inner-Calm, More Energy, and Better Sleep

Working with Dr. Igor Schwartzman from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.





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'Current-Old' You

There is an epidemic of overhwelm that is all around you. 

  • Are you more depressed, anxious, lacking energy, unable to sleep, having pain?
  • Have you tried a lot of things, including natural remedies, or medications, and are still feeling unwell?
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'Vibrational' Medicine

The tools you need to access your inner-calm with less anxiety, better sleep, more energy and a feeling of 'being more alive'. 

  • Access the living-medicine that lives within you
  • Access the healing power of sacred resonance


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'Beyond' Medicine

Working with Dr. Igor will

  • help you gain another perspective
  • challenge your 'current' perspective
  • help you become informed about    your health and well-being journey
  • help you unravel your previous history



Jana C.

[Dr. Schwartzman's] counsel has aided my physical, spiritual and emotional well being and taught me to look within myself for the real source of healing.

It has been life-changing...

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Becky C. 

I asked myself the question, "Can I stay open to the possibility of healing?"

Answer was yes.

Dr. Schwartzman, thanks for challenging me to stay open to more healing!
Thanks for challenging me, guiding me, and not allowing me to regress! 

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Renata B.

Dr. Schwartzman, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve spent years suffering ... No one had been able to help me until I came to [Dr. Schwartzman].

I’m indebted, and almost in disbelief at how my life has changed.  

75-minute intuitive health & healing consult

$275.00 USD