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A clairvoyant reading is a meaningful, intensive session where I use my intuitive abilities to access information about what is most important for you to hear, be aware of, or acknowledge at this time. I tune into what you need to know to feel happier, more alive, more creative, and more inspired in all areas of your life.

During a clairvoyant reading, I communicate information through images, symbols, as well as communicate telepathically with your truest self. I do this simply by going into a relaxed meditative state, asking you to say your name, and then waiting for the "movie of your life" to begin. I turn down my logical mind, and remain in an intuitive, non analytical, non judgemental state at all times.

While you can ask me questions up front, you don't have to. Even if you do, for the remainder of the reading, I'll ask you to just listen as conversation back and forth can be distracting.


A clairvoyant reading can be an intensive energy healing as well. When your emotional/energetic frequencies are raised, old ways of being fall away and are replaced with new opportunities for alignment. Thought forms, behavior patterns, even health, work situations, or relationships that aren't in sync with who you are now or what you want any more can be transformed when your emotional/energetic frequencies are elevated.


During a session I'll be able to tune into the longings of your heart and the wisdom of your subconscious mind. The goal is to make conscious what has been unconscious so that you can make new choices out of new awareness.


  • You feel like something new wants to reveal itself to you.
  • You are feeling confused about your purpose or direction in life and are seeking support and clarity.
  • You have a general sense of being stuck, lost, or confused.
  • You would like to know more about the health of your physical body or why you are sick.
  • You would like to awaken your intuition and deepen your self-knowing.
  • You are feeling ready for a big change in your physical or spiritual evolution.

Jana C.

[Dr. Schwartzman's] counsel has aided my physical, spiritual and emotional well being and taught me to look within myself for the real source of healing.

It has been life-changing...

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Becky C. 

I asked myself the question, "Can I stay open to the possibility of healing?"

Answer was yes.

Dr. Schwartzman, thanks for challenging me to stay open to more healing!
Thanks for challenging me, guiding me, and not allowing me to regress! 

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Renata B.

Dr. Schwartzman, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve spent years suffering ... No one had been able to help me until I came to [Dr. Schwartzman].

I’m indebted, and almost in disbelief at how my life has changed.  

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Catherine J.

Dr. Schwartzman brings true meaning to the words “whole” and “wellness”. I originally went to see him as a physician, but in the time that we have worked together he has gently, but steadfastly encouraged me to explore an exciting and mysterious spiritual path of a completely different kind.

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Dr. Igor has arguably had one of the most enlightening influences on my life, in my life. I’m living a life richer in health than I knew possible. If you’re willing to look at your health from a whole perspective, Dr. Igor is the right fit for you.

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Jessica V.

Dr. Schwartzman has made a huge impact on my overall health and well-being. He is very intuitive and you can tell he really cares... My energy levels have increased exponentially since I started being treated by him. I’m so thankful!  

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