Awaken Your Self-Knowing 

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Through deep listening and reflecting, my work is devoted to cultivating your courage, inspiration, and fundamental resilience while connecting you to your wisest self-knowing.  


Deep listening has been my guiding principle and core tenet with the thousands of people I have held space for over the past two decades. It is my belief that to be truly witnessed and heard is the most powerful healing we can receive from another. 

During these guided intuitive sessions, I invite you into a sacred pause, where you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and tap into your hidden intuitive powers, becoming deeply present within yourself in order to allow your essential struggles, gifts, and opportunities to be revealed.


Dr. Igor has over 20 years’ experience in natural health, research, and private practice. As a doctor and teacher, he is driven by the conviction that every person has the ability to harness their own inner medicine and power.

His work acts as a bridge between modern science and ancient spiritual teachings, empowering people to look within themselves as the real source of healing.


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