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Generate Life Force and Energy in 7 Steps

Life force is your life’s energy. It is your vitality and well-being.

7 basic steps that you can follow daily to support your life force and energy. These steps are instrumental and “vital”.


Reprogram Your Brain and Yourself in 30 Days

When you are an active participant in your own life, and you are living “consciously”, your life’s energy moves in that same direction.

Use this technique to change and reprogram yourself in 30 days.


Choose Your Story

We all have our own stories. The stories that you hold, or cherish will either propel your forward or hold you back.

What stories do you tell yourself? All it takes is a shift to change your story, your life and well-being.



Revolutionizing the foundations of health, Dr. Igor empowers people to look within themselves for the real source of healing. Igor's work acts as a bridge between modern science and ancient spiritual teachings. He has spent over a decade practicing as a naturopathic physician, teaching people that true medicine does not come from a bottle but from touching into the vast healing capabilities of their minds.


Jana C.

"[Dr. Schwartzman's] counsel has aided my physical, spiritual and emotional well being and taught me to look within myself for the real source of healing. It has been life-changing... Start living the rest of your life now!"

Abigail B.

"I am a brand new woman. I've gone through a total transformation physically and emotionally... My transformation is so drastic... Thank you, Dr. Schwartzman, for your listening ears. I look forward to the next chapter of my life with you as my mentor... "

Catherine J.

"Dr. Schwartzman brings true meaning to the words “whole” and “wellness”. I originally went to see him as a physician, but in the time that we have worked together he has gently, but steadfastly encouraged me to explore an exciting and mysterious spiritual path of a completely different kind."


"Dr. Igor has arguably had one of the most enlightening influences on my life, in my life. I’m living a life richer in health than I knew possible. If you’re willing to look at your health from a whole perspective, Dr. Igor is the right fit for you."

Lisa J.

"What strikes me most about Dr. Schwartzman, is how I leave an appointment with so much more than I arrived with. His intuitiveness, compassion and knowledge are unlike any I've experienced."

Susan H.

"Dr. Schwartzman has helped me to understand that taking care of oneself is beyond maintaining only physical health but also [is about] taking care of mental and spiritual health. He is easy to talk to, he listens carefully, and he takes time to answer any questions I have."

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What can you expect when working with Igor Schwartzman?

No matter where you start, you can always count on three things:

Be Heard

You will experience a feeling of being heard in a deep way

Tune In

You are unique, so this is the time to touch in with your own heart

Less is More

You cannot 'medicate' your way back to well-being

  • Intuitive Virtual Consults
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  • Access the Healing Power of You!

Use your senses to rewire your anxious mind!

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