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Tame your anxious mind before it becomes anxiety

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Have you ever felt your mind racing at one hundred miles per hour? I know I have. It feels overwhelming, there is a sense of being ‘out of control’. The experience of a racing mind can often lead to a series of physical symptoms, including restlessness, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, inability to fall asleep, digestive distress, and then there is a ‘crash’…complete and utter exhaustion, you may even feel tired and wired at the same time. Needless to say, your whole system, your mind, body, spirit, and all of you is ‘firing off’ all at once. All you really desire at that moment in time is some calm and stillness.

You may try a warm bath, some relaxation music, maybe meditation, or maybe some calming tea. Have you tried these (and, then some) before? I imagine that you have.

Sometimes trying to relax at the time of ‘panic’ is easier said than done, especially when your anxious mind is still racing, and is racing often.

Have you found any specific techniques that help you?

It is generally not an easy feat, when you are in an acute state of anxiety. Turning down the volume of your anxiety can feel nearly impossible, since there is often momentum with that. If you push a large rock down the hill, and once it is rolling it has a tremendous amount of force and momentum behind it. However, if you just nudge it ever so slightly, you can literally stop it in its ‘tracks’ before it gains any traction. This analogy can be applied to an early stage of your anxious mind. In other words, stop it before it gains any traction.

You must first to learn to pay attention. Really listen to your own self, your own revolving thoughts, anxieties, and mind-chatter. Yes, it requires learning. Become a student of your self and pay attention to what is actually going on inside your mind.

(Pssst. This is where meditation does help.)

Not just any type of meditation, but one that integrates sound. I am a very big proponent of using sound with meditation, especially when you are able to integrate binaural beats/tones/sounds. There are many different options currently available that you can download onto any device these days.

The idea of using binaural tones as part of your meditation is rooted in brain science and brainwave patterns. We experience different brainwave patterns at different times.

Very briefly here. Your 5 brainwave frequencies are as follows:

Delta – deep sleep, healing, deep-meditation (long-time practitioners), etc

Theta – deep relaxation, meditation, creative expression, REM sleep, etc

Alpha – daydreaming, relaxed, stress reduction, etc

Beta – thinking, conversation, attention and focus, problem solving, etc

Gamma – peak performance, high level of cognitive function, recall and memory, etc


I discuss these here as well.

I created a short meditation with binaural tones, sign up to get your download.

Lastly. Sometimes we still need a trusted advisor, doctor, and teacher (yes, this is where I come in). My program is designed to help you create your individualized approach to tame the fire of anxiety and overwhelm.