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Your daily practice helps to wire the brain

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Take Action…

  1. Commit to your self, make you important again… it is a life or death situation.
  2. Commit to 30 days, which of course is a ‘habit’ after that point… but not always. In fact, it is not about forming habits. It is about forming brain connections. It is about ‘wiring and rewiring the brain’ for consistency. The longer you can challenge yourself the more connections you form, and the more you embody it.. Try 60-days to push yourself. 
  3. Practice it daily, but before you start… know this.. it is not about being perfect, it is not about the result of what will happen that day, it is about doing it daily.  If you committed to practice daily and to exercise for 20 minutes, but your child is sick and you were only able to do some push ups for 5 minutes.. that counts.. If you are writing a script and you were only able to dedicate 15 minutes to planning, because your spouse or your partner needed your help with something (and you prioritized it for that day (because we should prioritize our partners and cherish our relationships, and give to others, and so on), your 15 minutes of planning that day counts… you get the point..

If you need trusted support in this journey, then this is where I come in. Join Me.