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have a niche a focus in life and work. when you have a niche, people seek you out, you become the expert

What is a NICHE [nĭch, nēsh]?

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Blend your gifts and passions to “define your niche”

NICHE [nĭch, nēsh] – lifework, true calling, karma (life’s great work), dharma, craft, gig, mission, pursuit, work, walk of life, path, your way, focus…

Having a focus.

Having a speciality.

Having an absolute direction in your life’s work.

This is not about having a job, a career, industry-niche, market-focus, etc. To me, having a niche in life’s work is living and pursuing meaning.

Again, this is not simply about work, but about your own calling in the pursuit of meaning.

Each and every person has a unique breadth of gifts, passions, skills, visions, aspirations, desires, and potential. It is as unique as your fingerprint. No other human on this planet has the same set of gifts as you.

Now, imagine if you blend all of your gifts, talents, desires, and all of you into your life’s work. Imagine what you become and what your life becomes if you integrate it all. It becomes the best expression of you. Your heart sings, your mind is uplifted, and you wake up each and every morning ready to engage fully.

What is most interesting is that all of it can apply to any path you choose. If your true calling is about service and helping others succeed in life, you can express that in a myriad of ways. You do not need to be a doctor, or a healthcare provide to be of service to others. Yet, service to others is selfless. Service to others is about the greatest pursuit meaning.

When you have a speciality niche, where you express your highest self, you literally are able to design your own path. You do not need to follow a particular “career” trajectory, which I believe is archaic, you do not need to fall into a specific “box” of a job. Instead, you plot your own path. You choose yourself. You create. You design your own niche.

The greatest inventors, scientists, thinkers, authors, pioneers in any given field, and so on, never follow(ed) a specific trajectory that was laid out for them. It was and is always about thinking, creating, designing, envisioning, and integrating the greatest gifts, inner fire, visions, aspirations, and all of ‘them’ into what appears to be impossible into possible. These great works have been and are a blend of the greatest “human-hearts” and “inner gifts”.

The best way for you to “define your niche” is to use your most creative power and your own inner gifts in your life’s work.