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Prevent Entrepreneur Burnout self-care is key this will prevent your burnout improve your sleep energy moods reduce anxiety

Prevent Entrepreneur Burnout

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When you work for yourself, it is easy to do nothing but work. You are your own "boss", and sometimes you have unreasonable expectations and pressures that you set for yourself. Your deadlines get pushed to "now". You end up pushing and pushing and pushing...until, something gives.

What gives? You. Your body, your health, and people around you. Everyone suffers. When you reach a point of a complete and utter burnout, nothing else matters at that point.

You must start with yourself to succeed in health, life, relationships, or work.

The idea of needing to have a life-work balance is not enough (oh, and life-work balance is a myth). Actionable steps are a start.

You must start with yourSELF first, prioritize yourSELF, and be consistent! What does your calendar show?