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“Niche Me Up, Scotty”

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I am sure you caught the Star Trek reference in the title already. However, my knowledge of Star Trek is limited. In fact, it is so limited that I know very little about it. I was born and raised on a different continent, and by the time I learned enough of the English language to understand the show I was already off to college consumed fully by my studies.

I am well-informed by now that Star Trek’s theme is the interstellar adventures and explorations of the infamous Captain Kirk and his magnificent crew. Again, even though I have very little knowledge of the Star Trek series, I still know the phrase, “Beam me up, Scotty.” Interestingly, a simple phrase can capture so much of the description, and even connect those who are lifelong “trekkies”. A single phrase can become an identifier and a unifier. It is a descriptor, yet a communication tool.

Star Trek has a general theme and a general focus of space exploration. The adventures that come along and unfold in each episode are simply part the focused-theme.

How does this analogy apply to you? Whether this is your life, health, relationships, or work, you must have a common theme, a common thread of focus. Having focused-energy drives momentum, keeps you fully engaged, and often leads you to spend more time in a particular area. This creates an inspired “expert” out of you.

When you invest a tremendous amount of time, energy, and effort into an area of life that gets you up and running out of bed each and every morning, you become the living inspiration to others. Your heart expands and you are living your own true self. You spend no time on your critics, you spend no energy on what drains you, instead you focus.

One of the most common health complaints that I have encountered over the years in clinical practice was the “need to have more energy”.

Why is there a general trend of loss of physical energy?

  • Do you feel as though you would like to have more energy in your day?
  • What is your average level of energy each day on a scale of 0 to 10 (0=none; 10=most)?
  • Do you need a jot of “turbo-charged fuel” in the mornings to get going, or an afternoon-dose to finish your day?
  • Where do you lose your energy?
  • Why do you not have enough energy in the first place?

Consider this for a moment. Instead of generating physical energy by having that morning “turbo-charged fuel”, what steps can you take to conserve your energy, and support your energy stores? What steps can you take to avoid anything that drains you of your “energy”? The answer is simple, maintain focused-energy, or conserve your own energy.

In order to prevent energy-loss, or drain:

  1. Rest. It recharges your batteries. Sleep and rest are key to your success.
  2. Avoid distractions. Train yourself to focus you attention. Spend time learning techniques that help you focus. Yes, brain exercises, meditation. Unplug.
  3. Connect. Nourish connections with yourself, nature, and people (in-person, not simply in the digital world).
  4. Focus. Your life, health, work, and relationships all require energy, time, and effort. Let go what is draining, what is not working, or harmful.

Focused-life and -work

When it comes to your work. Don’t seek perfection, or your purpose, because neither exists. Engage in the type of work that allows you to express your “truest”-self. When you are true, expressive, creative, honest with your self; it reflects in your work. Work is no longer work, but a form of creative-expression, it is joyful.

Does it sound romantic? It does indeed, yet if you interview those who view their work that way, they will always tell you that “it often does not feel like work”. Your work should not be a job, but an art-form, regardless of what you do. It is your life’s work. 

It is imperative that you focus. It is absolutely essential that you identify your niche in your life’s work. Having a micro-niche is even better.

When you lack focus, your attention is diluted. Having a focus not only prevents energy-loss, but instead it generates energy. When you are inspired, you generate energy.

Every day, I am inspired by my service to others. I live an inspired life by helping people to fully uncover their own niche and focus in life and work. I love that one single moment during my work with the person that instantly unlocks the individual’s inherent gifts, skills, abilities, interests, balances and imbalances, or any limiting beliefs, events, or inability to rise beyond fears… it is that one single ‘aha’ moment that shifts and transforms everything. I know that you too have had these moments and experiences.

I focus my energy on helping others focus theirs.

When you contemplate your own life and work. Don’t generalize, but specialize. Uncover your niche.