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Doctor’s Prescription for Health and Well-Being

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Dr. Schwartzman’s prescription (Rx) for health and well-being.

You can’t go wrong with it. Regardless of where you are in your health, or healing journey, start with my prescription.

I can always send this to you on a prescription pad. I have had people ask me for this before!

The only way to live a life of well-being is having the understanding that medicine is all around us, sunshine (or, light), air, water, food, rest, and your mind.


Don’t be scared of it. Get outside, expose your skin. Be sensible, don’t roast in the sun, your skin will not appreciate it. Oh, and on the topic of light. Make sure to dim your lights at night. Also, get rid of your toxic LED lights, those are carcinogenic.  


Make sure your breathe. Really? Yes. You have nothing to lose, except oxygen (O2). You think you breathe already. It turns out, mindless breathing causes you to only use a portion of your total lung capacity, and most people are taking shallow breaths. Are you in a hurry? When you are, you barely breathing. Mindless breathing leads to under-oxygenated tissues, and yes that includes your brain. Got that? If not, take some deep breaths, it might save your life.


Filtered. Non-bottled, all that plastic inside your body and the oceans, are simply not the best choices.


Look at your plate and if it looks ‘alive’, like vegetables (period!), then it must be real food that offers nutrients.


This does not mean laziness. Rest, which does include sleep, is how your cells in your body repair. Have you heard the expression, “kids grow at night”? One simple reason for that is growth hormone, which is what makes kids grow at night. What about the adults and growth hormone? You still make it, and your body loves to use it for cellular repair. Sleep, will ‘ya.

Print this out and place this on the refrigerator. You family will appreciate it.

Yours in health,

Dr. Igor Schwartzman