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how to live your truth and speak your truth in life, work, and relationships

Do You Live Your Truth?

amplify your impact energy impact inspired living life transformation mind Jan 24, 2018

We always have two options, either grow or die.

Your inner knowing, inner seeing, and core belief is your truth.

When you speak your truth, your outer self shines and radiates onto others. Words are not always our expression of truth, but actions always are.

When we stay open, feed our inner wisdom and participate in our own spiritual growth, nourish our brain and physical body, and contribute and impact others, we continue to grow.

Our physical strength, emotional and spiritual well-being, is similar to a radiant fire. As long as we continue adding to it, “feeding it” kindling, it will burn. Our daily actions, toward our selves and others, speak volumes. Where and how we invest our time, matters. It feeds us, nourishes us, and makes us grow.

When we are distracted, closed-minded, make poor choices, stay disengaged from our own selves and others, we shrink and our fire “dies” on the inside. We lose interest in our selves, people around us, and lose our sense of purpose and what really matters to us.

No matter which way you slice it, we are interconnected in one way or another. Regardless of what any of us choose to do in life, or how we choose to contribute, it still comes down to the very basic idea of service. We all have unique strengths and gifts that we bring to the world, but it is always about service to others. Whether you are selling vegetables, writing a book, sweeping the street, flying an airplane, and so on, you are in business of serving other people.

Regardless of what path we choose, it is the choices along the path that matter most. Those choices impact our experience. We can transform our experience by simply choosing to be open, stay open, and grow.

We always have two options, either grow or die.

What do you choose? 

Do you live your truth?