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Change Your Story to Have a Bigger Impact

amplify your business amplify your impact anxiety energy inspired living leadership life transformation mind niche Nov 25, 2017

In order to have a real ‘impact’, as it relates to other people and the world around us, we must be transformative in everything we do.

As a physician, I learned along the way that every person has to experience a complete transformation on all levels in order to cultivate true health and healing. Yes, this means that our health and well-being is not simply a manifestation of physical symptoms, but a conglomeration of our work-life, home-life, spiritual-life, financial-health, friends and family, and so on. If any of these areas are affected, and often most of us experience challenges in more than one, our health and well-being can deteriorate.

I view change as a process, yet it is something that is inevitable as it relates to a complete transformation. We all an opportunity to change our story as it relates to our present life. We all have a story. Our stories have the capacity to drive us to become more sick and unwell. Our stories can also prevent us from getting better. We have stories, as they relate to our physical health, mental and emotional fitness, spiritual practice, work / purpose, community, and other aspects of our lives. There are times when a person may have lots of energy and stamina, yet the story that they may identify with is that they have “always been the person with low energy and no stamina”. This may manifest in many different ways for people, regardless of the complaints. Making the decision to change our story is the very first step, and is the most important one that leads our own health-transformation. As a doctor, I have had a privilege to witness this on a daily basis with thousands of patient visits.

In my non-clinical work, I observe this with individuals, groups, and organizations. In some instances, it is the only thing that holds entire groups and organizations back from growing larger to make a larger impact in the world. Yes, entire organizations can often be sick and unwell, similar to a person having low energy and stamina. Everyone has a chance to change the story.

There is often one common thread that I find among the individuals and groups who change their story. A common thread? Yes. This is when the need to change and become transformative to impact others is a must and not simply a choice. Having a larger-than-yourself mission to impact the lives of others and the world around us is what drives this transformation add change.

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