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breathing combined with eye movement exercises enhance neural activity reduces anxiety and increases energy

Breathing + Eye Movement Exercises to Enhance Your Brain Circuitry

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Breathing is an essential part of life, yet it is common for many people (you may be one of them) not to breathe properly. During the times of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, most people take shallow breaths. This type of breathing will often deprive your cells and tissues in the body of oxygen. Lack of oxygen leads to all types of issues, including lack of energy, increased levels of anxiety, brain fog and lack of clarity, as well as a myriad of other symptoms.

Having a daily meditation / breathwork practice can be immensely helpful. However, when breathing is combined with a series of eye movement exercises, it becomes a powerful revitalizing force. Not only does this help to encourage a greater sense of well-being and calm, but it can literally enhance your brain's neural circuitry. 

Using the technique of breathing and eye movements encourages the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain. 

Your challenge is 40 days of this practice, without skipping a day. If you skip, even one day, you have to begin the count again.