About Dr. Igor Schwartzman

My mission is to guide you in cultivating the mindset and taking the steps to grow, evolve, and amplify your impact on the world. I am devoted to helping you rewaken your inner genius, reignite your vitality, and come alive again.

I am a doctor, coach, and wellness expert totally committed to helping people embrace and fulfill their life’s work through personal growth. To me, our life’s work is the ultimate expression of what makes us human. It combines attending to the inner work of the self and amplifying our impact on others through inspiration and service. And it’s my purpose in life to guide people in embracing the process.

Trained as a physician, with extensive experience in lifestyle and preventive medicine, a lens I bring to my coaching work. After all, our ability to climb life’s biggest mountains and take in its most beautiful vistas depends on health and vitality. I am a founder and medical director of Whole Family Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon with over 20 years’ experience in natural health, medicine, and research in academia and private practice.

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My Life’s Work is Helping You Find Yours

Do your life and work offer you freedom? Do they provide endless opportunities for creativity, self-expression, and personal growth? Or are you stuck, wondering “Is this all there is?”

Millions of people live out every day—in fact, all their days—feeling stuck, wondering if this is all there is. Meanwhile, a life wholly and bravely lived, where we’re truly engaged in meaning and purpose, seems just out of reach.

It’s not—I can tell you that. But to reach it, you have to get unstuck.

Getting unstuck starts with being heard, because the really complex work of a fully lived human life isn’t something you figure out alone. During more than a decade as a practicing physician—and over the course of thousands of patient visits—I’ve learned that one of our most essential human needs is to be heard. Someone else needs to be listening intently, purposefully, and with compassion.

That’s my life’s work—to hear you, to listen, to offer clarity. Together, we can propel you over the patch where you’re currently stuck. We can help you unlock your inner genius and amplify the impact you have on others. We can find the bridge between your life and your life’s work, so that you too can live life on purpose, with intention and integrity, and as your true self.

Sometimes all it takes is opening the door to an aha moment. A simple shift, a realization, a perspective from a trusted thought partner and expert listener.

Are you ready? Because I’m ready—to listen.  

Designing Your Niche

Blend your gifts and passions to define your niche.

NICHE [nĭch, nēsh]: life’s work, true calling, specialty, focus

Finding your niche is about having a focus, a specialty, an absolute direction in your life’s work.

It’s not about having a job, a career, or an industry focus. Having a niche in life’s work is living with intention and pursuing meaning—each and every day. It’s about following your own calling.

Each of us has a blend of gifts, passions, skills, aspirations, and potential as unique as a fingerprint. No one else on the planet has the same set of gifts as you do—just as no two of us share the same fingerprint.

Imagine what could be if you put your gifts—all of them, and all of you—into your life’s work. Imagine what you would become and what your life would become: the very best expression of you.

When you have that, you have a path to being alive, a defined route to growth, evolution, and the ability to amplify your impact. When your heart sings and you jump out of bed every morning, life is a joy to live. You spend no time on your critics and no energy on what drains you. Instead, you focus. You live as your true self, with freedom, intention, purpose, and joy.  

The greatest inventors, scientists, thinkers, authors or pioneers in any field have designed their niches. Thinking, creating, designing and imagining has always been about integrating unique gifts, inner fire, and vision to make the impossible possible.  

The best way for you to design your niche is to tap into your creative power and inner gifts in your life’s work. Are you ready?

YES, I am ready! Let’s get started.