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How Sound Affects Health and Dis-Ease

The healing power of sound and the destructive power of noise! Sounds have the ability to improve our health and noise can contribute to our dis-ease. What are your favorite healing sounds? [...]
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How to Listen with All of Your Senses

When listening to others, we have the ability to use all of our senses. [...]
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How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Reach Anyone

Social anxiety can be debilitating. What steps can you take to overcome your inner fear, shift the focus to the other person, and reach anyone. [...]
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My Secret Question and Why We All Need to Master Our Listening Skills

One powerful question. Master your listening skills, practice and train. We all must have this skill to help all relationships, work, health, and life. [...]
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3 Reasons Why We Don't Listen

It takes practice to avoid the pitfalls of 'not' listening to other people. Here are 3 reasons as to why we often tune out and do not listen. [...]
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How to Reach a Resolution in Any Situation with Any Person in 3 Steps

Every problem has a solution. Any disagreement, discussion, negotiation, or issue can be resolved, when we use effective techniques. There are 3 steps that we can apply to any conversation, or issue we are trying to resolve with any person. [...]
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How to Sharpen Your Listening Skills in 2 Steps

Mastering Listening Skills requires training and practice. It is similar to learning any other skill. Most of us are not born with inherent listening abilities, we have to sharpen those skills. Here is how. [...]
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How to Differentiate Between Hearing and Listening

How do we distinguish of when we hear vs when we listen. Hearing something is not the same thing as listening. It requires attention, observation, and a whole lot more. [...]

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