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Adrenal Glands. Your Power Houses.

Have you ever wondered what allows you to get out of bed in the mornings, or get to bed at night? Did you know that you need your stress hormone, because your life depends on it? Did you know that prolonged stress, or large amount of caffeine intake can affect your stress hormone levels. This [...]
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Heartburn. Too Little Stomach Acid.

Heartbun, or gastroesophageal reflux, may in fact be from too little stomach acid, and not too much. Contrary to the most common belief, having reflux may in fact be because you have too little stomach acid. Is that possible? It is, especially if you learn the basic principles of gast[...]
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Top 4 Essential Nutrients for Good Health

What do you like for your essential daily nutrients? Here are Dr. Schwartzman's top 4 daily essentials. [...]
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Create Habits. Stop Making New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Year! Happy 2017! When you create a habit, any vision that you have for yourself literally becomes automated. Anything becomes possible and attainable. Your brain forms pathways that no longer require active thought. Stop making those New Year resolutions, because they do not last. Stop [...]
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Water. The Elixir of Life.

Our cells depend on water. We are mostly made up of water. How much water do you drink per day? Is it enough to only drink eight glasses of 8 ounces? That depends. What is the secret formula? Are there any other key ingredients that you can add to your water to hydrate better? Yes, there is on[...]
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Immune Defense. The Power of Antioxidants.

Antioxidants support your immune system and act as your defenses. They are powerful and do help to protect your cells from oxidation and damage. My favorite fruit is pomegranate. It contains high levels of anthocyanins and has numerous protective properties for your health. You can eat it, or enj[...]
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Doctor Prescribed: Get Sick, Have a Fever, Get Well. Every Year.

Have you heard this before? If not, this is something I recommend to all of my patients. No, I do not wish for people to be sick. Having a cold, mounting a fever, and getting well is one way your body keeps itself in check. Just watch the video![...]
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Gut Bugs? Diversity is Key.

Which gut bugs are most important for your health? There are billions and trillions of different species. We are seeing hundreds and thousands of research studies on a regular basis exploring the relationship of microbes and our health. Which ones are best? Should you take your probiotics on a reg[...]

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