10 Ways to Ignite Your Life’s Work!

Do the thing that only YOU can do.

Imagine what could be if you put your gifts—all of them, and all of you—into your life’s work. Imagine what you would become and what your life would become: the very best expression of you.

You’d be living and giving your life’s work to the greater good.

That’s what I help you do. I help you unlock your own inner genius and guide you to ignite your life’s work, so you can amplify your impact on others.

Getting there, though, requires taking care of you. When you do, you liberate your best self to be—and become—more than you ever dreamed possible. When you’re ready, I can help.

Are you passionate about transforming the lives of others?

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive—and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman

Meet Dr. Igor Schwartzman

I am a doctor, coach, and wellness expert totally committed to helping you embrace and fulfill your life’s work through personal growth. It’s my life’s work to guide you. Because our ability to climb life’s biggest mountains depends on health and vitality, I offer you my expertise in lifestyle and preventive medicine.

My mission is to guide others in cultivating the mindset and taking the steps to grow, evolve, and amplify their impact on the world.

> My Life's Work

What People Are Saying...

  • Without your guidance, counsel, and loving kindness, I would not have had the courage to step out and find my voice. I will always be grateful….you led me to find and become a better version of myself.

    - Rebekah
  • I appreciate your insights, compassionate listening, and presence. I couldn't be more grateful that you've been on my team!

    - Anna
  • Welcoming, warm, and fully present, he is committed to accompany me on the journey of wellness.

    - L.H.
  • Dr. Igor has arguably had one of the most enlightening influences on my life, in my life. I’m living a life richer in health than I knew possible. If you’re willing to look at your health from a whole perspective, Dr. Igor is the right fit for you.

    - Nicole
  • Dr. Schwartzman has helped me to understand that taking care of oneself is beyond maintaining only physical health but also [is about] taking care of mental and spiritual health. He is easy to talk to, he listens carefully, and he takes time to answer any questions I have.

    - Susan
  • Dr. Schwartzman, I feel as though you have lead me down a path of self discovery and self care that goes far beyond any practitioner’s care. Your warmth, compassion and knowledge are valued tremendously. Many thanks for all that you have done to help me on my journey to healing.

    - M.K.
  • Dr. Schwartzman is a very skilled and insightful practitioner. I have been thrilled to work with him and find solutions unavailable to me with my primary care provider... I send everyone I can!

    - Allison
  • [My] 100 mile, spiritual journey. I finished in 23hr and 44min. Thank you for being an influential guide and member of my team.

  • 🔥You’re a life saver!! In so many ways. You helped fuel my fire for professional changes.

    Dr. M


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10 Ways to Ignite Your Life’s Work.

10 Ways to Ignite Your Life’s Work!

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