Selfless Self-Care

If self-care selfish, or selfless? Give to your ‘self’ first. You become more impactful, more effective. When you take care of your self, you have more to give.

A Breath of Inspiration

Respiration is a process of breathing. It is divided into two distinct parts: Inspiration and Expiration. Simple, yet effective. Allow yourself to experience and cultivate health, inspiration and creativity in…

Setting the Tone for Your Day

Each and every day you have an opportunity to set the tone for your day. When you wake up, you can choose to think, be, and feel alive. Your day…

Morning Power Start

How do you start your day? Here is a quick power drink to start your every morning and feel energized.

Living in Sync with Seasons

Seasons and rhythms. Natural cycles. How do you live in tune with nature? Our bodies follow ultradian, circadian, and circannual rhythms.  

How to Sharpen Your Listening Skills in 2 Steps

Mastering Listening Skills requires training and practice. It is similar to learning any other skill. Most of us are not born with inherent listening abilities, we have to sharpen those…

How to Become an Effective Listener

Listening is a skill that can be developed. It helps us better understand another person, it helps us to resolve conflicts, and improves are ability to live our lives with…