Setting the Tone for Your Day

Each and every day you have an opportunity to set the tone for your day. When you wake up, you can choose to think, be, and feel alive. Your day…

Entrepreneur Burnout

You must start with yourself to succeed in health, life, relationships, or work. The idea of needing to have a life-work balance is not enough. Actionable steps are a start….

I Refuse to Hurry

Where are you in a hurry? Life is not a hustle. I refuse to hurry and so should you.

Aging, or Ageless?

How old do you think you are? How old are you really? You can actually think yourself to being young. There is research around aging and the perception of aging.

Your Power of F.I.R.S.T.

FIRST is an acronym. Yet, the most important and foundational principle is the letter T. This is what allows you to propel forward in health, life, relationships, and work. This…

I Should. I REALLY Should.

During many years of work with people, one of the most common messages I heard was “I know I should ___ “. You can certainly fill in your own blank…

Congratulations You Failed

Fail to grow! Fail to succeed! If you never take actionable steps, you never take risks, you never fail. Will you live in your comfort zone?

ONE Pause Alters the Course of Your Life

One choice, one step, one single moment can alter the course of our life. What is yours? What do you choose today? Here is ONE choice you can make every…

Morning Power Start

How do you start your day? Here is a quick power drink to start your every morning and feel energized.

Living in Sync with Seasons

Seasons and rhythms. Natural cycles. How do you live in tune with nature? Our bodies follow ultradian, circadian, and circannual rhythms.  

Master Motivation with Your ONE ‘Reason’

The only ONE reason you need, and ONE way to stay motivated. How do you keep going, keep moving forwarded, and stay motivated? Is it lack of willpower, or knowledge?…

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Wow what a loaded question. Perhaps not. Perhaps this is something that you think about still. And if you don’t…