Breathing + Eye Movement Exercises to Enhance Your Brain Circuitry

Breathing is an essential part of life, yet it is common for many people (you may be one of them) not to breathe properly. During the times of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, most people take shallow breaths. This type of breathing will often deprive your cells and tissues in the body of oxygen. Lack of oxygen leads to all types of issues, including lack of energy, increased levels of anxiety, brain fog and lack of clarity, as well as a myriad of other symptoms.

Having a daily meditation / breathwork practice can be immensely helpful. However, when breathing is combined with a series of eye movement exercises, it becomes a powerful revitalizing force. Not only does this help to encourage a greater sense of well-being and calm, but it can literally enhance your brain's neural circuitry. 

Using the technique of breathing and eye movements encourages the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain. 

Your challenge is 40 days...

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Healthy Dozen: 12+1 Natural Anxiety Treatments

There are many natural remedies to help treat anxiety, or alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety, and there is no one size that fits all. It is essential to pay attention to how anxiety manifests for you, what symptoms arise, the time of the day, any and all factors that exacerbate your symptoms, and so on. Every person has a different experience of anxiety, which can present as worry, a sense of ‘being out of control’, fear of the unknown, anticipation, or dread. Natural therapies and treatments are always helpful that can be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities. It is vital to remember that “you cannot medicate yourself back to health and wellness” and that it requires “you as an active participant in your own process of health and healing”.

The following 12+1 natural ways to help calm your anxiety, or use in conjunction with other methods that you already have in place.

  1. Stay active.
    • Exercise and move your body daily
    • Walk...
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Open Your Mind and Your Heart for Inner-Healing


Our brains are not wired for doing more, being busy, juggling a lot. Although some people are able to ‘multi-task’ that does not mean they are more productive, it simply means they are juggling more activities and unlikely doing any of them well (or, being fully-engaged). Instead, the brain is wired for tranquility. Doing less, focusing on a specific task-at-hand, allows for increased focus, ability to pay attention, become more engrossed. When you are fully immersed in something, you have a greater chance of accessing possibility what Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls a state of ‘flow‘. Why is this relevant, or how is this relevant to you? Being present and attuned to both your “inner”- and “outer”-world gives rise to a greater sense of connection, a sense of being aware and more awake.

Becoming more mindful, or as I like to call it more ‘consciousful‘, leads to a greater sense of awareness. This...

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Your daily practice helps to wire the brain

Take Action…

  1. Commit to your self, make you important again… it is a life or death situation.
  2. Commit to 30 days, which of course is a ‘habit’ after that point… but not always. In fact, it is not about forming habits. It is about forming brain connections. It is about ‘wiring and rewiring the brain’ for consistency. The longer you can challenge yourself the more connections you form, and the more you embody it.. Try 60-days to push yourself. 
  3. Practice it daily, but before you start… know this.. it is not about being perfect, it is not about the result of what will happen that day, it is about doing it daily.  If you committed to practice daily and to exercise for 20 minutes, but your child is sick and you were only able to do some push ups for 5 minutes.. that counts.. If you are writing a script and you were only able to dedicate 15 minutes to planning, because your spouse or your partner needed your help with something...
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Power Up Your Vagus Nerve

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, restless, worried? Power up your vagus nerve. Vaga-what? Vagus nerve.

Vagus nerve is an important component of the parasympathetic nervous system. This nerve affects many functions in the body, including your mood, your heart rate, your respiratory function, your immune responses, and your digestion. Vagal tone can be influenced directly with your breathing, and its stimulation through meditation has the capacity to affect your moods and mitigate anxiety-related symptoms.

When you have a sense of overwhelm and everything feels to be a ‘trigger’, it is your sympathetic nervous system overdrive. This is what I call you having a ‘nervous system hyperactivity syndrome’. Did you spill a glass of water and it feels like the ‘sky is falling’? That is when you have just had it.

When we experience small and almost trivial events that seem to trigger us, or they feel ‘too much to handle’, that is when our...

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Tame your anxious mind before it becomes anxiety

Have you ever felt your mind racing at one hundred miles per hour? I know I have. It feels overwhelming, there is a sense of being ‘out of control’. The experience of a racing mind can often lead to a series of physical symptoms, including restlessness, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, inability to fall asleep, digestive distress, and then there is a ‘crash’…complete and utter exhaustion, you may even feel tired and wired at the same time. Needless to say, your whole system, your mind, body, spirit, and all of you is ‘firing off’ all at once. All you really desire at that moment in time is some calm and stillness.

You may try a warm bath, some relaxation music, maybe meditation, or maybe some calming tea. Have you tried these (and, then some) before? I imagine that you have.

Sometimes trying to relax at the time of ‘panic’ is easier said than done, especially when your anxious mind is still racing, and is racing often.

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Worried, Anxious, or Frazzled? Do You Have a ‘Nervous System Hyperactivity Syndrome’?

When there is a perceived-threat, we panic and our reaction is to run away. That is a good thing. We have a built-in system that allows us to ‘stay alive’ by running away.

What happens if the perceived-threat is constant, and if our alert system is in a constant ‘hyper-drive’? Being in a constant state of panic, anxiety, overwhelm, hyper-drive, fight-or-flight that does not resolve with rest?

When you experience a constant agitation, you can’t sleep, your moods fluctuate, your ability to cope with stress is low, this may all be due to what I refer to as having a ‘nervous system hyperactivity syndrome’.

It is that very state that causes you to be in a constant state of ‘stress’. It can be hard to unwind, relax, or even experience joy. It is a full-on anxiety, a state of constant worry. Anxiety affects many people and of all ages. Anxiety can be debilitating. Anxiety can disrupt sleep, can drain your energy.

None of us...

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“Niche Me Up, Scotty”

I am sure you caught the Star Trek reference in the title already. However, my knowledge of Star Trek is limited. In fact, it is so limited that I know very little about it. I was born and raised on a different continent, and by the time I learned enough of the English language to understand the show I was already off to college consumed fully by my studies.

I am well-informed by now that Star Trek’s theme is the interstellar adventures and explorations of the infamous Captain Kirk and his magnificent crew. Again, even though I have very little knowledge of the Star Trek series, I still know the phrase, “Beam me up, Scotty.” Interestingly, a simple phrase can capture so much of the description, and even connect those who are lifelong “trekkies”. A single phrase can become an identifier and a unifier. It is a descriptor, yet a communication tool.

Star Trek has a general theme and a general focus of space exploration. The adventures that come along and...

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Naturally Altered States of Consciousness

Every day we experience altered states of consciousness. Daydreaming, sleep, and others are actually altered states. How? The secret is in our brainwaves.

In fact, you can ‘induce’ your own altered state. Better yet, with the use of sound you can experience a deeper state of consciousness. This can be an important part of health and healing.

Learn how I use sound and experience my own ‘altered’-state.

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Sleep, Energy, Anxiety, Mood, Stress: 5 Common Health Concerns in (Most) People

Sleep | Energy | Anxiety | Mood | Stress

Sleep issues (e.g. falling asleep, staying asleep, insomnia, restlessness, and other)

Energy issues (e.g. fatigue, exhaustion, inability to function, and other)

Anxiety issues (e.g. nervousness, anxiousness, agitation, and other)

Mood issues (e.g. depression, mood swings, irritability, and other)

Stress ‘issues’ (e.g. stress easily, a persistent state of ‘fight-or-flight’, and other)

Can you relate, or struggle with these?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do not have enough energy to get through the day, or even get the day started?
  • Do you experience constant anxiety?
  • Do you have mood swings, feeling down or depressed, or irritable?
  • Do you find yourself ‘on-edge’ most of the time, or find that you stress easily?

You are not alone. These are common.

How can that be?

The main reasons are that there is a general sense of overwhelm (keep in mind that it is all self created!)

  • less emphasis on cultivating...
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