Igor Schwartzman is a doctor, teacher, coach, speaker, wellness expert.

I inspire people to take action to experience a personal transformation, get unstuck, and live life fully to the highest human potential of boundless and limitless greatness. To experience and cultivate health, inspiration and creativity in work, and generate successful relationships. What makes me unique is my ability to inspire action, and be my own student of life and walk the journey with each person. To experience change and transformation, it is vital to make a conscious decision, commit, and take action. It all starts with one single step. I believe that we can change our life, and the course of our entire life with a single shift. It only takes one. We can choose the one thing that starts the domino effect for the rest of our life.

I strive to listen well to each and every person. I believe each and every person has a unique gift (locked inside) that often will come out with just the right step(s), and I can help.

My role is to serve as the catalyst of change.

Every day, I wake up with one single intention. I have a vision for myself as a vehicle and as a catalyst of change. My personal belief is that I am most impactful in the realm of service. My vision for change in the world is when I am most inspired to contribute to others. When I observe change in others. When those people impact everyone else around them, and so on. This is the domino-effect. Our impact starts with one, and that is ourself. We have to start by contributing to ourselves, before we give to others, and so the chain continues.

Are you ready to embrace personal transformation to live your boundless and limitless greatness?

All I require is that you are:

  • ready to get unstuck and tranform
  • ready to take action 
  • committed
  • patient
  • ready to be heard
  • ready to be held accountable
  • ready to embrace success
  • yearning a bigger richer fuller life
  • not willing to settle for less